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TOPWIN 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled Manufacturer for Electronic Price Tags 1
TOPWIN 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled Manufacturer for Electronic Price Tags 2
TOPWIN 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled Manufacturer for Electronic Price Tags 1
TOPWIN 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled Manufacturer for Electronic Price Tags 2

TOPWIN 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled Manufacturer for Electronic Price Tags


Product Display

A 0.66" OLED display can be used in various electronics and applications where a small, compact, and high-quality display is needed. Some common uses for such displays include:

1. Wearable Devices: Smartwatches and fitness trackers often use small OLED displays to show time, notifications, and health-related information due to their compact size and energy efficiency.

2. Consumer Electronics: Some digital cameras, camcorders, and portable media players use small OLED displays for image previews, video playback, and menu navigation.

3. Industrial Instruments: Test and measurement devices, portable meters, and data loggers can employ small OLED displays to provide data readouts and user interfaces in a compact form factor.

4. IoT Devices: Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as smart thermostats or environmental sensors, may use small OLED displays to convey information to users.

5. Gaming Devices: Handheld gaming consoles or gaming peripherals may incorporate small OLED screens for in-game information, menus, or secondary displays.

6. Embedded Systems: Small OLED displays are also commonly used in various DIY electronics projects and prototypes as user interfaces or status indicators.

The versatility and visual quality of OLED displays make them suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly when space and power consumption are crucial considerations.

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Related Parameters

Size: 1.69inch Panel Size: 39.90×34.00×1.60(mm)
Model Number: UG-6028GDEBF02 Active Area: 33.575×26.864(mm)
Color Full color Pixel Pitch: 0.07 x 0.21 (mm)
Resolution: 160x128 Pixel Size:  0.045 x 0.194 (mm)
Driver IC: SEPS525 Operating Temperature: -40~85°
Interface: Parallel, 4-wire SPI, 6-bit RGB I/F Origin: China

Related Parameters

Display Type: 0.66inch oled display 20pin Panel Size: 18.46 x 18.10 x 1.45 (mm) including “AntiGlarepolarizer”
Display Mode: Passive Matrix Driver IC: SSD1306
Model Number: UG-6448HLBEG15 Active Area: 13.42 x 10.06 (mm)
Interface: 4-wire SPI Pixel Pitch: 0.21 x 0.21 (mm)
Drive Duty: 1/48 duty Pixel Size: 0.19 x 0.19 (mm)
Number of Pixels: 64 X 48 Operating Temperature. -40-85°
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Regular FAQ

TOPWIN TECHNOLOGY was established in 2005, we have been specializing in the electronic display industry for 18 years. Our products are exported to over 30 countries all over the world. We have strict production & quality control process, experienced team of professional engineers, efficient warehouse management to ensure that high quality products can be delivered to our customers quickly.

Can I get samples from your factory?
Sure! We can offer sample at a very favourable price, and send them out within 1~2 working days.
If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?
We will provide free replacement.
How long is the delivery time?
Samples: 1~2 working days. Official orders: We keep most of the standard models in stock. For big order, we will discuss with you separetely.
What is the standard of package?
Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement.
What kind of certificate you have?
We have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, RoHS
What’s the trade terms?
DAP. (DDP needs to be negotiated separately)
What is the delivery method?
We have agreements with many international couriers and can offer the most economical rates. And will provide tracking number after delivery.
What is the payment method?
For small orders: T/T in advance. For big orders: 30% deposit in advance, balance before delivery.
Is there a MOQ?
Is it possible to customize?
Sure! We have a team of professional engineers who customize displays for different industries all over the world.
Is there technical support?
We will sent full specification,drawing and user guide. Our professional engineers will provide services at anytime.

Company Advantages

· TOPWIN 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled is manufactured under various advanced facilities. They involve fabric cutting M/C, sewing M/C, hemming M/C, flatlock M/C, electric/steam iron M/C, and so on.

· The product has been tested to be in compliance with many quality norms.

· Shenzhen Topwin Xingye Technology Limited's technical security and R&D capabilities are first class in the industry.

Company Features

· Shenzhen Topwin Xingye Technology Limited always provides customers with reliable 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled products.

· Our factory has the most advanced machines. Some of them are imported from Germany. They help us optimize production processes, reduce downtime and increase product yield.

· Our company is committed to climate action, including reducing energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products and operations. Regardless of the political perspective, climate action is a global issue and a problem for our customers to demand solutions. Call!

Application of the Product

TOPWIN's 0.6~0.78inch Monochrome Oled can be used in a variety of situations.

We are always aware of new trends and developments in the market, so we can provide our customers with the industry-leading one-stop solutions.

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