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Our Service Advantages 
At TOPWIN, we recognize that every customer has unique requirements. With our team of experienced and professional engineers, we offer unparalleled customization capabilities. From tailored solutions for different industries to designing displays that perfectly match customer equipment, we are dedicated to providing the ideal display solutions for our clients.
With 14 fully automatic production lines,our production capacity reaches 50~80K per day.
We are committed to ensuring high quality while improving production efficiency through complete management, so that the prices of our various displays are the most competitive in the market.
Our company holds ISO and RoHS certificates, demonstrating our commitment to quality management and adherence to environmental standards.
Our company offers a diverse range of displaymodels, including bare panels, display with PCBboard,display with iron frame.
We has an experienced technical team and we offer adedicated custom OLED display service to our customers to ensure that our displays are perfectly adapted to their different products.
With 18 years of specialization in the electronic display industry since our founding in 2005, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
We keep most of our standard models in stock, allowing us to ship orders within 1~3 working days and ensuring prompt delivery to our customers.
We provide round-the-clock after-sales support, ensuring that our customers receive assistance whenever they need it.
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Service process

    We will provide the suitable display module and data sheet, and confirm the suitable display with the customer.
    If the customer has some general requirements, we will  recommend some matching models for him to choose, and provide a data sheet for confirmation.
    Then our engineers will discuss with the customer in detail whether customization is needed according to the customer's needs.
     If FPC customization is required, we will quote the mold tooling cost first (usually the cost is very low).After getting confirmed, we start mass production.
A.Once the samples are finished, we test them first. If everything is OK, we send it to customer
B.The customer receives samples for testing and approval,then we start mass production.
Strict Quality Control
We insist on using grade A raw materials to control quality from the source. Additionally, we have strict production and quality control processes, including two full inspections and one QC sampling inspection. In the unlikely event that there are quality issues with the display, we will provide free samples. If in case there is a quality problem with the display, we will provide free replacement.
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We promise to take responsibility for our products. If there are any quality issues within the warranty period, please feel free to contact us and we will provide free replacements. 

Most of our customers have been cooperating with us for many years because TOPWIN values reputation the most. We are not interested in one-time deals, but rather seek long-term partnerships and aim to be a reliable business partner.

We can accept via Credit card, T/T, PayPal, L/C.
Lead time:
Samples: 1~2 working days.
Official orders: We keep most of the standard models in stock. For big order, we will discuss with you separetely. 
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