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E-INK Display

E Ink displays, it's also named Epaper display, distinguished by their unique advantages, present a professional-grade solution across diverse applications. Renowned for their low power consumption, these displays extend electronic device battery life significantly. Their reflective technology ensures exceptional visibility in varied lighting conditions, with a wide viewing angle and minimal eye strain. E Ink displays deliver a paper-like reading experience, minimizing glare and enhancing readability. Notably, they maintain the last displayed image even without power, providing crucial information persistence. Additionally, the absence of blue light contributes to eye comfort, aligning with optimal viewing conditions. The combination of these features positions E Ink displays as a highly efficient and versatile solution in professional settings.

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Screen size: 31.2inch Resolution:1440x2560 Overall size: 697.2x402.8x1.5 Active Area: 691.2x388.8 Pixel pitch: 0.27x0.27 Pixel configuration:Square Interface:SPI Datasheet: Pls contact our sales
Resolution:1680x2240 Outline size:165.8x227.7x0.95 Active area: 157.25x209.664 Pixel pitch:0.0936x0.0936 Pixel configuration:Square Interface:Parallel
Product Name :10.3'' E Ink Display Resolution: 1404 x 1872 Display Color Black/white Pixel Pitch 93.6x93.6 Active Area: 157.25x209.66 Outline size: 165.8x227.7x0.95 Interface: Parallel PPI: 272 Operating Temp: 0-50℃ View Angle:Nearly 180 degree viewing angle EPD Working Voltage: 3.0~3.6V
Screen size: 7.8Inch Resolution: 1404×1872 Active area :118.638 x 158.184 mm Pixel pitch:0.0845 x 0.0845 mm Pixel configuration: Square Overall:127.6(w)x173.8(h)x0.86(t) Interface: Parallel White Reflectance above 35%(0 minute) Contrast Ratio above 8:1(0 minute) 3:4 aspect ratio Wide viewing angle Ultra low power consumption Reflective mode Bi -stable display Commercial temperature range Landscape, portrait modes Hard-coat antiglare display surface
Screen Size :7.5 Inch Display Resolution: 800 (H)×480(V) Pixel Dpi:124 Outline Dimension :170.20(H)×111.20 (V) ×1.25 (D) mm Active Area :163.20(H)×97.92(V) mm Pixel Pitch :0.204×0.204 mm Pixel Configuration: Square Interface:SPI Driver IC: JD79686 Datasheet: pls contact our sales
Display Resolution: 758×1024 dots Active area: 90.58(H)x122.37(V) Screen size 6.0(3:4 diagonal) Inch Pixel pitch:0.1195 x 0.1195 mm Pixel configuration: Square Overall dimensions: 101.8(w)x138.4(h)x0.93(t) Interface:Parallel Datasheet: Pls contact our sales
Resolution: 648(H)×480(V) Dpi:138 Outline Dimension 125.4(H)×99.5 (V) ×1.20(D) mm Active Area: 118.78×88.22 mm Pixel Pitch: 0.1833×0.1833 mm Pixel Configuration: Rectangle Driver IC:JD79686 Interface: SPI Color:White/Black/Red
Outline Dimension :91 (H) x 77(V)x 0.9(T) mm (1) Active Area :84.8 (H) X 63.6(V) mm Driver Element: a-Si TFT active matrix FPL: R2.0 Resolution: 400 x300 Pixel Pitch: 0.212x 0.212 (120dpi) mm Pixel Arrangement: Vertical stripe Display Colors: Black/White/Red Surface Treatment Anti-Glare, 3H Interface: SPI
Screen Size: 3.97 Inch DisplayResolution: 480(H)×800(V) Pixel ActiveArea: 51.84(H) × 86.40 (V) mm Pixel Pitch: 108(H) ×108(V) um PixelConfiguration: Rectangle OutlineDimension: 56.24(H) × 96.62(V) ×0.95(D) mm Contrast ratio above 8:1 Interface: SPI
Screen Size 3.7 Inch Resolution:240(H)×416(V) Pixel Dpi:130 ActiveArea: 47.04(H)×81.54(V) mm Pixel Pitch: 0.196×0.196 mm PixelConfiguration:Rectangle Outline Dimension:53(H)×92.99 (V) ×0.90(D) mm Interface: SPI Datasheet: Pls check with our sales Driver IC: UC8253C
Screen Size 2.9 Inch Display Resolution 128(H)×296(V) Pixel DPI:112 Active Area 29.056×66.896 mm Pixel Pitch 0.227×0.226 mm Pixel Configuration Rectangle Outline Dimension 36.7(H)×79.0 (V) ×1.20(D) mm Driver IC: SSD1680 Operating Temp:0~40℃ Storage Temp:-25~70℃
Screen Size :2.66 Inch Display Resolution: 152(H)×296(V) Pixel Dpi:125 Active Area: 30.704×60.088 mm Driver IC: SSD1680 Color: White&Black or White&Red&Black Pixel Pitch: 0.202×0.203 mm Pixel Configuration: Rectangle
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