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E-ink/E-paper display

E Ink Displays, also known as E Paper Displays, redefine visual experiences through cutting-edge E Paper technology. These displays emulate the appearance of traditional books, providing exceptional readability and a comfortable reading experience that safeguards eyes from harmful blue light. Renowned for minimal power consumption, E Ink Displays excel in energy efficiency, ensuring extended battery life. Notably, they retain the last displayed image even in power-off scenarios, enhancing reliability. With rapid refresh times, these displays deliver almost instantaneous transitions between pages, mimicking the feel of flipping through physical pages. E Ink Displays, or E Paper Displays, seamlessly integrate advanced technology with a superior reading experience, making them an ideal choice for various electronic paper applications.

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Screen size: 31.2inch Resolution:1440x2560 Overall size: 697.2x402.8x1.5 Active Area: 691.2x388.8 Pixel pitch: 0.27x0.27 Pixel configuration:Square Interface:SPI Datasheet: Pls contact our sales
Resolution:1680x2240 Outline size:165.8x227.7x0.95 Active area: 157.25x209.664 Pixel pitch:0.0936x0.0936 Pixel configuration:Square Interface:Parallel
Product Name :10.3'' E Ink Display Resolution: 1404 x 1872 Display Color Black/white Pixel Pitch 93.6x93.6 Active Area: 157.25x209.66 Outline size: 165.8x227.7x0.95 Interface: Parallel PPI: 272 Operating Temp: 0-50℃ View Angle:Nearly 180 degree viewing angle EPD Working Voltage: 3.0~3.6V
Screen size: 7.8Inch Resolution: 1404×1872 Active area :118.638 x 158.184 mm Pixel pitch:0.0845 x 0.0845 mm Pixel configuration: Square Overall:127.6(w)x173.8(h)x0.86(t) Interface: Parallel White Reflectance above 35%(0 minute) Contrast Ratio above 8:1(0 minute) 3:4 aspect ratio Wide viewing angle Ultra low power consumption Reflective mode Bi -stable display Commercial temperature range Landscape, portrait modes Hard-coat antiglare display surface
Screen Size :7.5 Inch Display Resolution: 800 (H)×480(V) Pixel Dpi:124 Outline Dimension :170.20(H)×111.20 (V) ×1.25 (D) mm Active Area :163.20(H)×97.92(V) mm Pixel Pitch :0.204×0.204 mm Pixel Configuration: Square Interface:SPI Driver IC: JD79686 Datasheet: pls contact our sales
Display Resolution: 758×1024 dots Active area: 90.58(H)x122.37(V) Screen size 6.0(3:4 diagonal) Inch Pixel pitch:0.1195 x 0.1195 mm Pixel configuration: Square Overall dimensions: 101.8(w)x138.4(h)x0.93(t) Interface:Parallel Datasheet: Pls contact our sales
Resolution: 648(H)×480(V) Dpi:138 Outline Dimension 125.4(H)×99.5 (V) ×1.20(D) mm Active Area: 118.78×88.22 mm Pixel Pitch: 0.1833×0.1833 mm Pixel Configuration: Rectangle Driver IC:JD79686 Interface: SPI Color:White/Black/Red
Outline Dimension :91 (H) x 77(V)x 0.9(T) mm (1) Active Area :84.8 (H) X 63.6(V) mm Driver Element: a-Si TFT active matrix FPL: R2.0 Resolution: 400 x300 Pixel Pitch: 0.212x 0.212 (120dpi) mm Pixel Arrangement: Vertical stripe Display Colors: Black/White/Red Surface Treatment Anti-Glare, 3H Interface: SPI
Screen Size: 3.97 Inch DisplayResolution: 480(H)×800(V) Pixel ActiveArea: 51.84(H) × 86.40 (V) mm Pixel Pitch: 108(H) ×108(V) um PixelConfiguration: Rectangle OutlineDimension: 56.24(H) × 96.62(V) ×0.95(D) mm Contrast ratio above 8:1 Interface: SPI
Screen Size 3.7 Inch Resolution:240(H)×416(V) Pixel Dpi:130 ActiveArea: 47.04(H)×81.54(V) mm Pixel Pitch: 0.196×0.196 mm PixelConfiguration:Rectangle Outline Dimension:53(H)×92.99 (V) ×0.90(D) mm Interface: SPI Datasheet: Pls check with our sales Driver IC: UC8253C
Screen Size 2.9 Inch Display Resolution 128(H)×296(V) Pixel DPI:112 Active Area 29.056×66.896 mm Pixel Pitch 0.227×0.226 mm Pixel Configuration Rectangle Outline Dimension 36.7(H)×79.0 (V) ×1.20(D) mm Driver IC: SSD1680 Operating Temp:0~40℃ Storage Temp:-25~70℃
Screen Size :2.66 Inch Display Resolution: 152(H)×296(V) Pixel Dpi:125 Active Area: 30.704×60.088 mm Driver IC: SSD1680 Color: White&Black or White&Red&Black Pixel Pitch: 0.202×0.203 mm Pixel Configuration: Rectangle
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