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1.32 inch 128x96 oled display SSD1327 with SPI interface 1
1.32 inch 128x96 oled display SSD1327 with SPI interface 2
1.32 inch 128x96 oled display SSD1327 with SPI interface 1
1.32 inch 128x96 oled display SSD1327 with SPI interface 2

1.32 inch 128x96 oled display SSD1327 with SPI interface

1) Outline Drawing : According to the annexed outline drawing 

2) Number of Pixels : 128 × 96 

3) Module Size : 32.60 x 79.40 x 1.60 (mm) 

4) Panel Size : 32.60 × 28.30 × 1.40 (mm) 

5) Active Area : 26.86 × 20.14 (mm) 

6) Pixel Pitch : 0.21 × 0.21 (mm) 

7) Pixel Size : 0.19 × 0.19 (mm)

8) Driver IC: SSD1327

9) Interface: SPI

10) Color:White

11) -40~85℃


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    Vivid OLED Display, Enhanced Connectivity 

    The 1.32-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128x96, featuring an SPI interface, enhances your visual display experience by providing sharp and vibrant images. Its compact yet sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any project, while the high-quality construction ensures durability and reliability. With easy connectivity and top-notch performance, this OLED display truly amplifies the core benefits of visual clarity, compactness, and reliability.

    ● Compact and Vivid

    ● Seamless Integration

    ● Enhanced Visuals

    ● product desc 4


    Product Display

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    Compact, High-resolution, Versatile, Efficient

    The 1.32'' OLED display offers a crystal clear and sharp resolution of 128x96 pixels, ensuring a visually stunning display.
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    Fast data transfer
    With its SPI interface, the SSD1327 OLED display allows for efficient and speedy data transfer, enhancing user experience with quick response times.
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    Compact and versatile
    This OLED display's compact size and versatile design make it suitable for various applications, such as wearable devices, smart home appliances, and industrial equipment.
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    Reliable and visually appealing
    With its reliable performance and visually appealing display solution, the 1.32'' OLED display provides users with a seamless and captivating viewing experience.

    Vivid 1

    Featuring a 1.32-inch OLED display with SSD1327 technology, this product offers a resolution of 128x96 pixels and supports SPI interface for seamless communication. Its core attribute lies in the high-quality display and compact size, which make it suitable for various compact electronic devices. The extended attributes include its low power consumption and wide viewing angle, ensuring energy efficiency and clear visibility from various angles. Overall, this product's value lies in its reliable performance, space-saving design, and enhanced user experience through its vibrant and clear OLED display technology.

    ◎ Small Form Factor

    ◎ Vibrant Colors

    ◎ High Pixel Density


    Application Scenario

    Streamlined display for wearable technology.
    Fitness Trackers
    High-resolution visuals for activity monitoring.
    Portable Health Monitors
    Clear information display for health data.
    Microcontroller Integration
    Versatile display solution for electronic devices.

    Material Introduction

    With a compact size of 1.32 inches, the SSD1327 OLED display is a versatile and high-resolution display solution. Its 128x96 pixel resolution ensures clear and vivid visuals, offering users enhanced viewing experiences. The SPI interface facilitates seamless and efficient communication with other devices, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring smaller displays without compromising on performance.

    ◎ High-resolution and compact 

    ◎ Superior image quality

    ◎ Seamless communication and efficient data transfers



    What is the size and resolution of the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327?
    The 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 has a size of 1.32 inches and a resolution of 128x96 pixels.
    What type of interface does the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 have?
    The 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 features an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) interface.
    What are the main applications of the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327?
    The 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 is commonly used in various applications such as wearable devices, portable electronics, industrial equipment, and medical devices.
    Can the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 be integrated into wearable devices?
    Yes, the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 is suitable for integration into wearable devices due to its compact size and high resolution.
    What are the advantages of using an OLED display like the 1.32 inch SSD1327?
    OLED displays offer numerous advantages, including high contrast ratio, wide viewing angles, fast response time, and low power consumption.
    Is the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi?
    Yes, the 1.32 inch OLED display SSD1327 can be easily connected and used with popular development platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi through its SPI interface.
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