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The sinks

of Water

The pure technicality of steel, the seductive glow of precious metals, the innovative synthesis between nature and technology: the sinks of the Falmec Water collection explore different material sensations to give a new aesthetic meaning to water. A complete offer, able to fit into different environments and contemporary furnishing contexts.


Conceived to guarantee the absolute perfection of each detail, the sinks of the Como collection, with their essential design, enhance the pure beauty of shape and material.

Made exclusively of AISI 304 steel and offered in different sizes, they fit into any type of kitchen, enhancing aesthetics and functionality, thanks to the professionalism of their design, interpreted in harmony with the environment and domestic needs.

The internal corners have a 12 mm radius that allows for optimal ease of cleaning and stylistic elegance. The Falmec Draining System characterizes the sink at first glance.

The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment dresses the steel with an infinitesimal layer of metal particles that are deposited on the surface and become an integral part of it, creating different striking colors. Compared to other chemical finishes, this particular process ensures greater brilliance, resistance and durability. Moreover, it is totally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The irresistible charm of gold, the timeless warmth of copper, the glamorous elegance of matte black help create a kitchen environment full of elegance and prestige.

Gold, gunmetal, copper: Falmec introduces new emotions to the kitchen environment. The flush-fitting circular lid, coordinated in the sink finish, is a strongly distinctive element of the Como PVD collection.

Ceramix comes from an avant-garde research: the innovative mix of ceramic nanoparticles and acrylic resins for a material with features that have never been reached before. Ceramix is made with 6 different resins that make it water-repellent and stain-resistant. This material is also characterized by a perfect uniformity of the surface, which is absolutely smooth and resistant to impact and abrasion. Available in white or black version, the sinks of the Iseo collection have an essential design, with geometric shapes, conceived to fit perfectly into different kitchen environments, maintaining their aesthetic characteristics and functional performance over time.

Sturdy, smooth and compact, the innovative Ceramix material of Iseo guarantees chromatic uniformity, long life and ease of cleaning.
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